Your time 😊

Hello everyone , hope you all are safe in your homes . And if you are reading this just stop for a minute and thank universe for every breath you are taking , because we don’t know till what time , what date we are present on this world . Close your eyes and think of all your loved ones . And thank them for whatever role they played in your life . As we are locked in our houses we should give this time to ourselves , to our body , to our friends ( who make you feel you ) ,to our mind , to our hobbies , to the nature . At times we think that our life is so harsh . It is so hard . If you think like that , think for a while are you doing what you really want to do in life ? Is this what you wanted from life . And the answer would be ofcourse not . Look , whatever you are today , you are because of your own choices , decisions. Change your upcoming choices and your life will change . And don’t forget to love yourself cause in the end , noone will be by your side.. you will be alone in the end .🍁

My fault

People chose them before me!

But what’s my fault.
I try, I fall, I again try, I again fall, I again try to get them back but they don’t want me anymore.
But what’s my fault.
They call me rarely in free time But I do full efforts to make them want me, but they still don’t

Then what’s my fault,

I waste my time for them to smile but they hardly care.
But what’s my fault.
One day a lady told me that

Oh ! Girl it’s not your fault..

You give them time but they don’t,

You give them love , but they don’t .

You treat them with care but they don’t.
But that’s not your fault.
They don’t know they are losing a gem and they’ll soon realise it..and keep in mind that

It’s not your fault.
You deserve better ,

that’s why they are not yours.
Oh ! Girl it’s entirely not your fault!



Anger is a natural phenomenon . It is experienced by everyone in the world. Anger is the state of mind when our brain is filled up with negative energy and impulses. I would like to share a story with you , once a monk was asked about anger , he answered this question very beautifully, he said that,” Anger is the way of disturbing ourselves and giving pain to ourselves for someone else mistake.” His answer made the investigator dumbstruck . We become very hot – headed when anger strikes. It is always advises not to reply and not to take descion in anger because it is always approved wrong.



You may have heard or read about books that they are our best friend s and .any more things about it, but you may not know that books have that much power equal to a weapon that can change your life . As weapon can destroy your body and make you handicap , books can transform your life as converting a curse into a boon . Books seems to be lifeless but they are full of life , a life without books is colourless. Books gives us way to change our colourless life into a colourful life as they have power to add colours in a colourless human being. Books have power to change someone’s life . Yes ,it is quite dubious and odd that any book can change someone’s life but yes it is cent percent accurate , books are more faithful than any person in life. They are our best friends because they never talk, never complain, never scold. They just teach , explain , listen and love us . They always act as a becon light in the dark path of life. They act as a bridge between our goal and us as they enlighten our mind with knowledge which itself is the biggest power to change the world.

“So love books and let them love you”


A lesson !

We all have a goal and we chose a path for it and we think no problem should come in our way but guys this is so impracticable. If the path doesn’t offer obstructions then today everyone would become successful but this is not possible. There is no journey without obstacle just as there is no road without pits and platholes and rocks so fight with them,solve your all problems and move on. Face them ,solve them ,thank them for giving such a wondrous lesson. Failure should not be an option if problem, obstacles came on your way face them with great enthusiasm. We all know it is hard to move on but once you move on you will realize it was your best descion ever !

“Do what is right , not what is easy.”


What does word ” distractions ” mean to you? It is defined differently by different people but actually it is transfer of attention from one thought to another. Students may recognize it as remembering songs, watching TV or operating phones while studying for another instance a man working in an office gets distracted by toxic people around him this happens just because of transfer of his focus from one ‘s own work to the thoughts or talk of other people. The problem of distraction can be overcome by making intense focus. Distraction itself says interaction towards wrong thing . Focus can be maintained through deep meditation , observing your actions or focusing on breathing patterns. Remember you may not stuck , keep going ,don’t be harsh to yourself. Keep calm! Have a good day!” Feed your focus , starve your distractions!”# renaz

Mind clearance.

Clearing your mind can be a great task. Mind clearance is a chief tapered end to achieve success. Mind clarity is the foundation of every mindset. After mindset can lead you to accomplish magnum opus .There are many people who live the life of others by following them blindly and without analyzing that is it good or bad for them ? But most of the people find themselves. There are few who accept the false reality of TV shows . They seek that the life of all TV actors is better but the realities are opposite. So life is just like a mirror , just as a clear water which shows results of action performed by you by using the time offered to you by life so there is a great need of mind clarity . Once your mind is clear your all problems are solved and traffic jam of thoughts will be cleared. You will find some problems vanishing which never existed.Remember ” Great mindsets lead to great success”Thank you ! Good luck !#renaz